Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan Post your Grievance at

Post your Grievance and Track your Grievance in Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan portal i.e or…..
Bihar Parimarjan portal gives the useful information about on Rectification needed in Jamabandi created before disposal of Online Mutation cases, Rectification needed in Jamabandi created after disposal of Online Mutation cases and Rectification needed in Khata / Khesra / Rakba in Jamabandi created after disposal of Online Mutation cases. Those services are provided in official website.

And also Bihar Parimarjan website provides to Post Your Grievance by entering your details like Email ID and Mobile number and also track the Parimarjan Application Status by entering Application ID. Every use must know the Application format provided in the web portal.

Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan
Post Your Grievance in Bihar Parimarjan

How to Post Your Grievance on Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan Website

If you’re looking forward to posting your grievance on the Bihar Parimarjan portal, then follow the easy steps as given below;

  • Visit the official web portal by typing in on the search tab after which you should be redirected to the portal
  • On the portal’s homepage, click on the ‘Parimarjan’ option and you’ll be redirected to a new web page
  • Here, select the language you would like to use i.e., English or Hindi
  • Next, click on the ‘Post Your Grievance’ option from the menu bar
  • On the new page that appears, you have to fill in your Name, Email address, and registered mobile number in the space set aside for each detail
  • Next, click on the ‘Send OTP’ tab, and a One Time Verification Password will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • Enter OTP received on your mobile and click on the ‘Verify OTP’ button
  • Once your OTP is verified, you’ll be redirected to a new page from where you should fill in the ‘Property Location’ details
  • Now fill in the ‘Grievance Details’ by choosing the ‘Grievance Category’ and ‘Grievance Subject’
  • Next, combine all the mentioned documents in a single PDF file before uploading them after which you should click on the ‘Submit’ button. Your grievance has now been filled successfully
  • To track your grievance, you need to click on the ‘Track Your Grievance’ option on the homepage of the Parimarjan portal
  • Enter your ‘Grievance ID’ on the new page that appears on the screen of your device
  • Finally, click on the ‘Track Status’ option to complete the process

There you have it, some of the things you need to know about Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan at or Remember, you can also read through the instructions and application format by paying a visit to the Parimarjan portal.

24 thoughts on “Bihar Bhumi Parimarjan Post your Grievance at”

  1. Mera online primarjan griviance ID 20212804056160 dt 25.8.2021 hai jis per abhi tak koi karyawahi Anchal karyalay Danapur dist. patna dwara nahin hua hai. So Pl. see and take appropriate action on this matter.

    • मैंने 14/09/2021 को परिमार्जन हेतु आवेदन दिया है l जिसका आई डी संख्या 20211801010240 है ।

  2. What action is to be done if my application for parimarjan is unactioned since January 2021 in Kargahar, Distt. Rohtas (Sasarma) in spite of meeting concerned officials and assurance from them that it will be done shortly.

  3. दाखिल खारीज आवेदनों का निष्पादन की जानकारी , स्टेज वाइज अंचल कर्मचारी एवं अंचल C I के रिपोर्ट के बाद कितने दिनों के अन्दर में होने की जानकारी से अवगत कराया जाए ।

  4. Sir
    My Parimargan I’d no -20212004004922
    I would like to inform you that Parimargan STATUS Show Successfully. But it couldn’t convert to correction. I have complain to Circle Officer Begusarai sadar on his official mobile no.But it couldn’t happen Positive. So Pls enquire about this problem .

    • वे बिना कुछ किए परिमार्गिन अनुरोध को बंद कर रहे हैं, बिना कोई उपयुक्त टिप्पणी दिए, यह सामान्य है , मेरे साथ भी ऐसा ही हुआ, ऐसी चीजों को देखने के लिए कोई निकाय नहीं है


  5. Parimargan status shows successful. But it couldn’t come in ground reality. So it is matter of sorrow. Pls solve problems
    Parimargan id no -20212004004922

  6. जमीन की दाखिल खारिज जिला सीतामढ़ी अंचल सदर सीतामढ़ी के सीओ साहब डेढ़ साल गुजर जाने के बाद में भी नहीं कर रहे हैं पता नहीं क्यों के संख्या 4803 वर्ष 2020 ऑनलाइन दाखिल खारिज अप्लाई डेट 19.9.202

    अनवरी बेगम
    ग्राम. मेहसौल पूर्वी वार्ड नंबर 9
    अंचल. सदर सीतामढ़ी
    जिला. सीतामढ़ी

  7. Mera parimarjan ID20211404013140

    D 20211403013251 process Hone ke bad bhi jamabandi me sudhar nahi hua hai .

  8. Sir my parimarjin status is showing processed.what is the next step.i met CO twice.but nothing solved.every visit he is saying ” ho jaye ga”
    Please advice.

  9. For parimarjan my ID is 20213504015246 dated19/02/2021.In status application is in scrutiny and field level verification shows.please instruct the concerned authority to complete.Due to which the land rent is not deposited by me

  10. Please intimate Parimargen id 20222402009431 dt 28/6/2022 & 20222204027771 dt 7/7/22 status being long time.

  11. Jamin 1995 me registery huaa hai jisme khata 107 khasra 1041 hai par register ll and rent receipt me khata 7 and khasra 1047 likha gaya hai . Kese sudhara jai

  12. Mere khatiyan mein plot no 550 hai lekin rent receipt par rajaswa karamchari dwara plot no 182 likha gaya hai. Mai parimarjan ke samay karamchari ke pawati ko upload kiya hun aur plot no bhi 182 likha hun. Mera land aroura mauza udwantnagar bhojpur ka hai jisme bhudhari ka nam Ramanand singh hai. Kya karen
    Mera grievances ID20232903114844 hai.

  13. Parimarjan ID 20231701008989
    My name is Sunil Kumar and on mutation receipt Karamchari has done silly mistake( nigligence of importance) and added Singh at name last… Although in all douments , my name is mentioned as Sunil Kumar.
    Pls do the needful.
    I have filed for this correction & almost one month has passed, but this correction yet to be resolved

  14. TOKEN NUMBER: BHULEKH2305121135943

    STEP 1


    Opening since 12 May 23.
    No use of any complaint.
    Karmchari and there agents have opened there shops for collection of un-authorised money for doing any authorised work and then also work is outstanding under the sneller of officers.

  15. मेरा परिमार्जन लैटर को सात महीना होने जा रहा है आज तक प्रोसेस ही दिख रहा है क्यों अबी तक पचास बार ऑफिस गए और सीओ साहब और कर्मचारी से भी मिले|पर कोई लाभ आज तक नही मिला है|रोज बोलते आज होगा,कल होगा यही प्रक्रिया पिछले सात महीने से चल रही है| इसका निपटरा कब तक होगा?क्योकि जो पेपर ऑफिस में माँगा गया सब उनको दे दिए है|फिर भी आज तक पेंडिंग है| कृपा करके मेरा परिमार्जन करवा दे|
    नाम बबली कुमारी
    ग्रीवांस आय डी =20231003002200
    address tv centre katihar

  16. Grievance ID
    (for future reference)
    बबली कुमारी पति – चन्दन कुमार झा
    Property Location:
    दलन (77), KatiharSadar, Katihar
    Grivance Subject:
    Rectification in details related to lagaan (लगान की राशि एवं तत्संबंधी प्रविष्टि में सुधार)
    Date of filing yourgrievance:
    1/19/2023 4:09:00 PM
    Your Current status id –

  17. Grievance ID
    (for future reference) 20213301005501
    Mobile: 9852810730
    Property Location:
    सिकन्‍दरपुरपु (214),
    Grivance Subject:
    Rectification in Raiyat name, Address (डिजिटाइज्ड जमाबंदी में रैयत के नाम
    में सुधा सु र)
    Date of filing your
    grievance: 7/16/2021 10:42:00 AM
    Your Current status id – Processed

  18. मैं पिछले दो साल से खाता, प्लॉट और रकबा सुधार के लिए रोहतास अंचल में parimarjan के लिए आवेदन किया हूं, अभी तक सुधार नहीं हुआ है I कृपया देखा जाये.


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